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      Just Bee Diner began with the concept of embracing the most positive aspects of everyday life.  Even in the darkest of times, there is always a chance to Bee Happy, Kind, Generous, Honest, Helpful, Loving, etc. 

      It is our sincere hope that the joy from this mindset can reach as many people as possible.  Through our friendly service and good ole down-home cooking, we hope to create an atmosphere that will feed both body and soul.

      Thank you in advance for giving us a chance to serve your dining needs.  Buzz On In Today!!!

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Our Story

     On February 27, 2022 our world changed forever.  Our 17 year old Son Brodie died suddenly of a previously undiagnosed genetic heart defect.  Brodie was one of three brothers in our household and his loss left the remaining four of us in our family shaken to our core.  During the grieving process, we discovered it had to become a conscious effort to find positivity in each day.

     The concept of "Just Bee Happy" quickly morphed into a whole new way of approaching our daily lives.  We honor Brodie with the Bee logo for the first letter of His name.  Bright green was his most favorite of colors.  But we honor him with much more than that as we meet the wonderful folks who eat with us each day and get to speak positivity into your lives as well.

        We are closed each year on February 27 to honor Brodie, take a break, and remind everyone to take a minute and Just Bee...

      God Bless,

Brian & Jessica Bishop


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